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Friday, July 31, 2015

I think of myself as a modern day renaissance woman.  I juggle all kinds of crazy interests and endeavors in order to do all the things that make my life fulfilling.  I first got into to mixed media art when my family owned Stamp Antonio, which was a retail store in San Antonio.  During my 10 years of working and teaching at Stamp Antonio I developed a love for all things paper and mixed media related.  Since those days I have worked as a sales rep in the art materials industry and have continued to teach workshops.  I now own a company called Paper Wings Productions that manufacturers rubber stamps and sells a variety of unique art materials. 

I have a passion for teaching art related workshops and classes.  I have been teaching adults for over 15 years on a wide variety of workshops that utilize different products and techniques.  My extensive and diverse knowledge of art materials and processes comes in handy when problem solving and teaching students. I prefer to give students freedom to make their projects in class their own.  I supply a variety of creative tools so that each student's piece is unique.  I look forward to questions about techniques and products; it makes me feel like I don't have so much useless knowledge stored up in my little noggin.  Besides adults, I also love to teach art to children.  I find the process of creating magical at every age.

If you are interested in setting up private classes, workshops in stores and events, inquiries for design work, and other questions can be sent to paperwingsproductions at hotmail dot com

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Random thoughts-

  • I love the color green and bird imagery.  I use them both a lot.
  • Some of my favorite tools in the studio: walnut ink crystals, vintage glass glitter, my blending tool with a well used pad stained with vintage photo ink, Golden soft gel matte, rock candy distress crackle, small metal brads.
  • I'm a paper addict.  If you're reading this, chances are you are too.  Paper makes me giddy.  I know the country of origin on most handmade paper on the market.  I love making it, decorating it, gluing it, and folding it.  Paper.
  • I have two kiddos in my home.  These very active little people make it hard to be creative during daylight hours these days.  They make my world go round and are worth the lack of sleep. 
  • Although I love green, my bedroom is painted orange.  Yes, orange.  I have a deep love for folk art, especially Mexican folk art.  
  • I actually really love to teach.  I am intrigued by the way each one of us creates differently.  I love sharing techniques and watching students develop their own style.  It's magical.

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