Yes, I'm still here

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Long time no "see" my friends!

It looks like it's been well over a year since I posted last.  In that time, I held my first solo exhibition, graduated college, interned at the Museum of Art, continue to work as a contract art educator for the museum, continue to teach local workshops and I'm looking to start graduate school in the fall.  My personal life has been rocked this past year too, losing a close friend who also happened to be a family member this past spring.  The kiddos are doing great (thankfully!!), growing up way too fast.  Juggling it all isn't easy and I've been wanting to post for quite a while.  My goal to to post regularly again.  It's something I've been missing.

Another reason I wanted to post today is to tell you that I've been updating my Etsy site.  Graduate school and the kids' extracurricular activities are expensive!  It's motivated me to post my handmade books for sale.  I hope you'll take a look at my treasures and share with your friends if you're willing to.  I've got some upcoming tutorials and projects I want to share.  Until then, enjoy some eye candy and if you're feeling up to it, buy a little something too.  ;)

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