Thursday, January 15, 2015

It has been colder and wetter this winter than most here in South Texas.  It's been perfect for my respite from my school, kids school, and the routines of life.  I actually despise routine- but that's for another post.  I have often dreamed of living in the Pacific Northwest.  I've had the unbelievably good luck of having sunshine for the majority of my visit every time I have gone to Seattle.  I had convinced myself that I could handle the grey.  I'm now rethinking that...I don't think I could hang!  I'm a sunshine girl through and through.  I've been needing it more than I thought...
and today I got some.

I got a short little hour to work out in my very neglected garden.  Luckily I had a little help from my friends...

I seriously hope to get my little garden up and growing again.

I have almost survived my first week of the new semester.  Totally loving my classes, they are each challenging me in different ways.  We will see if I'm still saying that in a month.

Music selection of the day-

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