Upcoming Class Schedule

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Upcoming Class Schedule:

Saturday April 20 - All About Mica at Stamp Antonio 10:30-12:30
Saturday April 20 - Bookbinding: Ribbon Bound Book at Stamp Antonio 2:00-5:00pm
Saturday April 27 - Ribbon Tied Book at Stamp Salado
Saturday April 27 - Sewing Over Tapes at Stamp Salado
Saturday May 4 - All About Image Transfer at Stamp Antonio 10:30-12:30
Saturday May 4 - Bookbinding: Mini Book Necklace at Stamp Antonio 2:00-5:00pm
Saturday May 11 - Recipe Book at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard 9:30-1:00
June 6-8 Classes at Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, TX

All About Mica-

This month features mica and how to use it. Mica is smooth, flat pieces of transparent organic rock formed in many layers. Mica tiles easily delaminates and can be re-adhered with adhesives or various hardware components. Every mica tile is distinctly different from one another and packages contain several different sizes and colorations. Tear, die-cut, or trim with scissors, heat resistant Mica tiles can be embossed, stamped, painted, collaged, used as photo transfer canvas, and adhered to virtually any surface.  We will be making several cards showing different ways to use mica.  

Bookbinding- Ribbon Binding
This month we will bind a book that has hard covers and a gorgeous ribbon binding that is pulled to the outside of the cover so that it is seen.  A fun and unique binding.  Please bring a craft knife with new blades, cutting surface, awl, bone folder, sewing needle, pencil, and ruler if you have them.

Sewing Over Tapes-
Learn the art of making books. In this workshop, you will create custom covers and learn how to sew paper pages together to create a unique, one of a kind handmade book.  This class is great for both beginners and seasoned paper artists.

Ribbon Bound Book- 
This book is the simplest form of bookbinding, perfect for beginners.  In this workshop, you will create a one of a kind custom book that starts with a used book and is transformed into a new blank book.  We will create a custom cover using stamps from Paper Wings Productions.  

All About Image Transfer-
This month we will be featuring several image transfer techniques including packing tape, Trans-It, Iron on, and Gel Medium Transfers.   We will be making several cards & tags to explore all of the techniques

Bookbinding- Mini Book Necklace-
This month we will be creating several small, wearable leather books with sewn bindings.  

Background Bonanza-
In this fun, fast faced workshop you will learn how to create vibrant, colorful, fun backgrounds with a variety of mediums found on the market today.  We will cover ink pads, sprays, stains, paints and more.  In class we will be creating tags as a way of experimenting with the products.  Your tags can then be used as a reference guide later or used in your scrapbooks, art journal or other mixed media projects.  You will create at least 10 tags in class.

Mixed Media Mini Book-
We will construct a mini book that has 7 gypsies covers and metal rings.  The inside pages will be filled with printed paper, cardstock, canvas, and more.  We will cover a wide range of mixed media techniques during the construction and decorating process of making the book.  

Artful Stamping-
Learn the art of rubber stamping with Carrie Avery, the owner of Paper Wings Productions, a new rubber stamp company from Texas.  Carrie has been teaching rubber stamping for 15 years, come and let her show you how to get professional looking results with your rubber stamps.  In class, we will be creating unique tags and cards so beautiful you won't want to give them away!

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