This weekend I will hold the very last class of the monthly workshops I've been offering for over 2 years.  Come and join me for the last one!  Both will be held at Stamp Antonio

Art Journal Club: Mica 10:30-1:00
In this technique based workshop series, you create collage pages centered around a new technique every month that can be added to an "art journal" as a way to keep your collages organized.
This month features mica and how to use it in your art journals. Mica are smooth, flat pieces of transparent organic rock formed in many layers. Mica tiles easily delaminate and can be re-adhered with adhesives or various hardware components. Every mica tile is distinctly different from one another and packages contain several different sizes and colorations. Tear, die-cut, or trim with scissors, heat resistant Mica tiles can be embossed, stamped, painted, collaged, used as photo transfer canvas, and adhered to virtually any surface.
Basic supply list for this series: Collage images, adhesive, scissors, favorite embellishments, an assortment of favorite inks from your collection.

Bookbinding: Leather Journal 2:00-5:00
Join us this month in making a leather wrapped journal.  Perfect gift for the holidays!.  Basic supply list for this series: heavy duty awl, bone folder, scissors, pencil, ruler, Japanese Screw Punch (if you have one), bookbinding or embroidery needles and PATIENCE!

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