Here are my class offerings this week.  All of these will be held at Stamp Antonio.  Please call 210-764-7900 to register. 

Friday September 14 from 10:30-12:30
Mixed Media Scrapbooking:
Create two single page layouts (12x12), done in an artful way.  Each month you will be presented with a technique to use in your layout.  This month, we will feature image transfers.  Please bring your own photos, adhesive, and favorite scrapbooking supplies.  

Saturday September 15 from 10:30-1:00
Art Journal Club: Image Transfer
In this technique based workshop series, we create collage pages centered around a new technique every month. These pages are added to an "art journal" as a way to keep your collages organized. This month, come join us and explore image transfers in a collage. Several different transfer methods will be presented. We will create a 6"x6" collage in class. Suggested supply list for this series: Collage images, adhesive, scissors, favorite embellishments, an assortment of favorite inks from your collection.

Saturday September 15 from 2-5
Bookbinding: Blanket Stitch Over Split Tapes
Join us for a different bookbinding project the third Saturday of the month. Projects all focus primarily on the binding, and not so much on decorating covers.This book features an exposed spine binding.  It has hard covers and will lay flat when opened. Basic supply list for this series: heavy duty awl, bone folder, scissors, pencil, ruler, bookbinding or embroidery needles and PATIENCE!


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