Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Those of you who know me know that October was going to be super crazy for me. One of my little adventures this month was to take a class with Tim Holtz. Amy & Carol generously invited us all to Houston for a trade show put on by a sales group and to take an all day holiday themed Tim Holtz class. I had a great time. Beyond anything else, it was really special for me to sit and create stuff for 5 hours without having to get up and find, cut, clean, rinse things or any other reason than to pee. Everything was there laid out on the table ready to assemble. He was very generous with supplies and extra goodies. He had lots of great tips for his products and also on how to do his style classes within a small time frame. His crew does LOTS of prep work. He's very lucky to have a good stuff that enjoys making up kits.

I realize after taking his class that I tend to let students do more of the work. The main reason being is that I want people to really understand how to reproduce what we make. Another reason is that I like students to be able to personalize their art as much as possible. Personal choice is important to me. It's always great for me to take classes from others. I enjoy learning their projects, techniques, and teaching styles. So again, a BIG thank you to Amy and Carol!

I have three classes this weekend. I'm working on getting supply lists and pictures on here, but it looks like it will be tomorrow before that happens.

Hope all of you out there are doing well, and I hope to see you soon.

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