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Monday, June 6, 2011

Have you been wondering what keeps me busy? Why I don't update this thing nearly as much as I should. Well...

in general, these two keep me running...

then my other hobby...

And when Scrapbook 911 closed I lost my space to create. My studio has not been in working order in at least 3 years. Factors include selling my family's retail store (and taking TONS of stuff with me), being a sales rep for a year (2-5 boxes a WEEK of product), and then Scrapbook 911 closing (I bought a ton of killer sale stuff and also inherited quite a bit of classroom supplies). The poor studio was more of a storage room then a usable space. I also very much needed a guest bed. We have a regular visitor and desperately needed more space. It has taken every spare moment for the past 4 months, but I DID IT! It's not completely finished, but it IS a workable room. I'm beyond thrilled. I haven't felt this creative in a long time.

This was in March. I had already done a lot of work, getting rid of an IKEA desk set, and moving out loads upon loads of stuff.

Here it is right now.

My desk is a mess from doing class samples. Like I said, I'm not done. At least it's a useable space again.

Oh, and I hosted a party for our 10 year wedding anniversary. I've been planning for a year. It was all very much worth the work but I am looking forward to new projects and getting caught up on class samples and projects plus a few projects JUST FOR ME. Imagine that!

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