It's almost the end of the year and I'm feeling very relective. After some turn of events this weekend, I felt that it was important for me to share with you the reasons why I teach classes.

-My educational background is in art education. It's something that I have wanted to do for almost 20 years.
-I had an amazing opportunity during the 10 years my family owned a retail store where I was able to learn techniques and understand the development of thousands of art materials. I made many friends who generously shared their knowledge with me and now I enjoy sharing that knowledge with my students.
-I am a nurturer and love to share by nature.
-I genuinely LOVE to see the artistic side of my students develop and grow. So often we don't allow ourselves to open our minds and try new things. It takes brave people to do this and I feel very blessed to connect with people who are ready to start their creative journey.
-Teaching classes is how I make a living. I am not a wealthy house wife who does this for fun. It's my job and I take it serious. By taking my classes you get an art education and you also support my family. I very much appreciate that you spend your hard earned money taking my classes. I honor and respect all of you.

I don't teach because it's a popularity contest or that I'm trying to say that I am some kind of expert. I don't own the right to teach any particular technique or series. I fully realize that I don't teach like most other instructors. I feel that it's important to give you creative freedom to make your projects your own. Anyone can copy, a true artist learns best by copying and then goes on to develop their own style.

For those of you who continue to take my classes and enjoy my teaching style, I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love, thank you for being open minded, and thank you for being brave in your creative journey. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may you be blessed in all aspects of your life. I hope to see you again next year.

By the way, I am looking for testimonials from my students on my classes. If you want to write one for me, shoot me a message.
I was just scrolling through my last posts and realized that I have sold all of the pieces I took pictures of! I had a GREAT time at the Peace Market. Thanks to those of you who came down to shop.

This Friday I am teaching "Fridays with Carrie" at Stamp Antonio. We will be making an Advent Calendar. Class is from 10:30-12:30. Call 210-764-7900 to register.

Saturday I have Soldered Ornaments at Stamp Antonio. Class is from 2:00-5:00. Give them a call to register. This class is for folks who have soldering experience. Forget the glass, we are soldering mica. Fun and a little more challenging than glass but well worth it. Come and see for yourself!

Sunday I have Totally Tim Tags at Scrapbook 911. There are two classes, one from 10:30-1:30 and another from 2:00-5:00. Call 210-492-1984 to register.
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